The tainted souls of this world are banished to an elsewhere

A perverted merry-go-round does not help

Logic leaking from star-gazed eyes.

Reason slides down my spine and puddles at my feet

Defacing what is known as

Real Life

I can’t be explicit, when who knows who is reading

annotations in my bible,

Imitation stained glass.

I just want to traipse through Mexican mud

Without leaving tracks.

Please don’t keep me here

Please don’t leave me there.

I remember shinier days

When dried blood could pass for rust

And the embossment of my nails on your cheek

While you were sleeping comatose

Let me know I left a mark

For a minute or two is all I need

Is chalked up to relief.

I’ve finally found a mate

Oh, you breathe oxygen too?

I remember the Alamo

I met a story once,

In the grotto of standing ovations

Where madness was rewarded—gingerly

With a glass of charcoal

(We failed miserably)

We are mosquitoes and our last words colloquial

Something about staying out of harm’s way

Just to make it safely to death

We grasp hands under the table.


About lisadivenuta

I live my life based on bathroom graffiti. ~live for the mad ones, dig everything!~ 21, girl, upstate but not real upstate New York View all posts by lisadivenuta

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