(September 2010)

At nights like this I dream in blue because you

Were everything I once thought to be true

At night when the roar of the street turns cars into clouds of smoke

Beneath barefoot feet,

Rosary beads and a broken tambourine,

Tapping tango of a vintage cigarette and only the dogs and the cats knew

What was coming next, oh Earl

When a volcano threatened to conquer our trembling city

You took a taste of this, and pondered

The life of a coal miner and

Being insane in sane places

Where everything results in a yes or no answer

Silent footsteps on the dance floor

Mother nature, you weep.

It’s like throwing a drop of water into the ocean

When everyone wonders what its like to be you

Wondering what its like to be.

Checked and balanced to hell, books stacked high, vistaril

Pray tell, as you wander the third and fourth floor

Is any of this real?

Looking for some angelic eye candy

Dreaming of going to sleep

In a tropical storm

Trying to say yes-yes no

But dear god, you never go.

In the alleyway, you heard a tale

Of explosions on a mountaintop

And men painted black with soot trying to escape.

There are disasters everywhere and you once thought

You would go back in time to the roaring twenties

Until you realized you might be poor.

Sometimes we must remind ourselves

we have changed, we have changed-

But Ethiopia is sovereign, still

Or so I have heard.

And the best of tanks and poison gas could not triumph

Over spears and rocks, or so I have learned.

And each night

We falter, stumble, wonder

Jealous when everyone else is on more intriguing drugs

Asking could violins scream a more desperate love?

And the moonbeams have not answered me.

At nights like these I dream of two

Cards facedown on calendar papers

The sentry engages our escape, nightly romps to homeless shelters

Left behind in summer swelter

Fanning my elegy

White lies are lies nonetheless

And I can sing in the dark or slip out of this dress

Will a glimpse stave off, satisfaction for today?

I could exceed wildest dreams

It’s disappointment either way.


About lisadivenuta

I live my life based on bathroom graffiti. ~live for the mad ones, dig everything!~ 21, girl, upstate but not real upstate New York View all posts by lisadivenuta

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