Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cicadas: A Love Story

Who is king in this winded up world?

A symphony of tin cans that rattle in place of a neighbor

Hug me as if to say never mind.

I tied them together to make a kite, it doesn’t help.

They sent me a muttering


(Not delivered.)

I won’t belong to any of these universes.

Winged nymphs will devour your craw

Magicicadas erect new walls

Confusing themselves, but it is barely spring.

(I am not there; if you look, look now)

Somewhere in between

Craters of organelles,

Red-eyed battles, beasts that engorge like blood oranges-

Our tongues elope.

Something other than God

Stares at you through

Damask wallpaper in citadel


Each grace is

Impeccably versed.

We can’t hear anything besides

Winged nymphs making love again and again

(So look-look now!)

But there’s never going to be a girl like me.

Nothing sounds the same in their version of English

And they wonder why

No one has anyone to talk to

But I do.