Monthly Archives: July 2013


I have been holding

My cards in a way that I can’t see.

When I put on

Your sepia sunglasses, the world is

More forgiving, can’t you tell?

I have been held

Back and forth and in captivity and now by you.

The verdict is in.

I live amongst

Swamp-like creatures. I wonder who still goes to church.

Read my fortune.

Then make it your own.

As I grow fur to cover the bruises.

As crayfish consume your maddening tent.

Ready? You begin to fall.

Rug burn hurts the most.

But it doesn’t hurt until you stop.

And a binary code has been cracked.  Look at our children.

Clawing through an eviscerated adolescence. Guns leading  the way.

I forgive God for making us like this.

I forgive a torn hymen.

I forgive vanity. I come up for air, shudder and cough.

I will leave this place, and never look back.

I will pick hydrangeas.

No, I never liked that.