Monthly Archives: January 2014

Red (Red) Wine Cinquain


Four glasses into the night, the road runs right in two

Franzia nights; I had lost my spine

When my eyes bled me into you.

Confined between times, silence overdue

Coupled on a love sea, bled into blue.



All is well

before the streets explode with anxiety.

Call me a cab.

Distance yourself, these tenement

eyeballs never cease to stare.

Forgive me, I

grope the right way.

Have you heard?

I am fluent in

jibberish, a language you don’t


Lightning strikes in between my toes.

Move over.

Nobody wants to live in perpetual


Pending the very end, but jumping is

quite a nice way to fly.

Roads crumble when footsteps leave them.

Scraps of

time are left for the



waiting for children with

Xeroxed faces

you just

zone out.